The capital

The capital, Male’ City is both the administrative centre and trade and commerce hub of the country. It has a total land area of 5.8 km2 and accommodates over 150,000 people. Shopaholics can savour Male’s flavours in the local markets, which are packed with fresh produce, and along Chaandanee Magu, the spot for local souvenirs, such as carved wooden dhonis, miniature replicas of the boats dotting area waters.


Maldives is a tropical and perennially hot country with a more or less constant climate. The temperature often peaks at an average of 30 degrees Celsius with little fluctuations in average temperate during the calendar year. The dry seasons begins at the end of November and runs until April. The wet season lasts from the middle of April until the end of October.


The Maldivian Rufiyaa is the currency of the Maldives. Though USD will be accepted by most businesses, we advice you to keep some local currency for convenience to pay for taxis, ferries, shopping etc. Though most local businesses will accept U.S. Dollar, we advice you to keep some local currency for convenience. You will find a foreign currency exchange counter and an ATM just before you exit the arrival hall. You will get approximately 15.42 Rufiyaa (MVR 15.42) for USD 1.