Go on your own castaway picnic. Allow us to sail you to your own private sandbank made of nothing except pure white sand encircled with clear turquoise lagoons. Channel your inner Robinson Crusoe and experience true peace, privacy and tranquillity. It can be either a half or a full day excursion with a picnic lunch. It is the perfect setting for sunbathing, snorkeling the pristine reefs around the bank or just lying back and reading.


The abundance of marine life in the Maldives makes fishing here an unforgettable experience regardless of your past experiences. Head out with us either in early in the morning, evening or even at night and enjoy the pastel-colored skies and the lovely breeze. Don’t miss your chance to cath snappers, jacks, groupers, trevally tuna and countless other species. We will even prepare and cook your catch for you!

Dolphin Watching

Thousands of spinner dolphins call South Male atoll their home. The feed out in the open ocean at night, come back into the atoll early in the morning before leaving again late afternoon. This provides the perfect opportunity to go out and view watch them. Whats better than a chance to watch wild dolphins play in their natural environment.

Day trips to resorts

South Male Atoll is home to many resort islands. Sample some these and get the full Maldivian resort experience witha  full-day excursion. Spoil yourself with impeccable service and befitting style at some of the most secluded island getaways.